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100 Year Coin

Featured Coin - GPU or CPU mining!
If you ever wanted to learn how to mine coins or use an exchange to buy and sell, then you can start here!

 This is a great anonymous alt coin that's fast secure and easy to mine and easy to buy! Truly an anon coin for the whole world to use. Get it now!

a multipurpose anon coin Scrypt-N-Fixed algorithm

Download Wallet here
Choose wallet that's with mining software if plan to CPU mine

Purchase or Sell Fujicoins at these Exchanges

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FujiCoin mining pool - no registration required! 0% fees

Click Mining Instructions to set up your Fuji miner

Create a bitcointalk user profile, login and visit our thread.

Spread the word, be creative with your friends and family and share Fuji coins. Use them any way you like for payments, school projects, video game betting amongst each other and much more. Learn how to send and receive crypto currency in a fun and affordable way.

Check at the above exchanges for current
 FJC/BTC value. Collect them now while you can or mine them and one day they could go way up in value just as bitcoin did!

FujiCoin for the whole world

"To Da Moon"